The Two Ring Circus Show

The TRC Show - Episode 068 - ‘Matt Sings ‘Heart’, Eb & Dom Doesn’t Understand OR 100 They Are!’

October 4, 2018

Wherein if this ute’s rockin’..., a special camera (oooh), Q: what is a gnu (A: not a canoe), Dom cries laughter, Bon Jovi paraphrasing, Heart with a capital "Ph”.

We discuss flat batteries and woolly jumper leads, Eb tuning - a long Matt back story, the hierarchy of a band, Dom explains frequencies.

Also; frustrating online interactions (not Tinder), Pat Benetar, The Angels, The RTTCT, cheesecake is Matt’s favourite, Rhys Lett’s benefit event - and everybody’s doing everything for free.

And: Matt Bradshaw House Party Online Auction, Matt’s Friend Becky, Dom asks about True Crime stories (and does some mentionitis), searching for danger ‘cos we don’t have “edges”.

Plus: supernatural vs slasher movies, Matt says Dom doesn’t need "Crime Therapy", round or square crumpets, the yoyo argument, Dom’s eyebrows, “BarnApples”, Clinkers.