TRC Podcast - Episode 055 - ’Loud Leather Jacket OR Where Were You When Princess Diana Died?'’

July 5, 2018

Wherein we use - for the first time - pre-recorded intro “hellos”, and we discuss our dinner outing to Ezard, and Dom is proud of Matt for writing songs for Songs in the South.

We discuss Dom’s song-writing style, actually why Matt hadn’t written music for so long, band reunions are (almost) go!, Cassie McIvor is amazing, Matt’s hard to get along with (but funny).
Also; Dom’s Net solution, there was no iPhone 2 (Good Night!), key to the back door, Matt’s tinsel scarf and NBN Christmas Tree, Dom’s gonna do a Patreon.
And: the Sichuan story, damn cats, (F)Uncle Dom, nice people we know.

Plus: Dom does meetings, “Come On Online”, Dom’s one meal a day diet, a couple of odd ways to finish, John Donne.

Songs in the South: