The Two Ring Circus Show

The TRC Show - Episode 071 - ‘Live @ Longplay #2′

October 25, 2018

Wherein we are LIVE at LONGPLAY, we *gently bag out Adelaide, we play the Lost In Translation game, we talk about PT’s faux pas and #TheFestivalOfVeronica.

We discuss swingers parties, Dom’s bra size, and motor boating, Matt’s hair regime, Matt’s possum impression, inoculations are dumb, vaginal tightening gel, “What is Cialis?"

Also; What’s in your bathroom cabinet?, making more space, "the back blade 2”, Steve’s been lasered, Matt’s DNA is everywhere, Matt’s Chinese shave story, spam emails.

And: Matt’s Indonesian trip, “A Star Is Born” & “The Beautician and the Beast”, Dom looks up stuff on Google, we play Nursery Rhyme Or Matt.

Plus: we play Movie Werges, we discuss Happy Death Day, cryptic crosswords, Dom pronounces Jada Pinkett-Smith’s first name as Yada, and Dom has a girlfriend!