The Two Ring Circus Show

The TRC Show - Episode 062 - ’Gastro-lyric-itis OR One, Haa Haa Haa!’

August 23, 2018

Wherein we are at Matt’s place and Scritchie immediately interrupts.

We discuss Dom’s recent food poisoning experience, Matt is sceptical about two boxes of All-Bran as a cure, and Dom does poo puns.
Also; PDQ, the Game of Life, being self-employed, (upon writing the show notes, Matt realises why he brought up The Two Ronnies (we’ll come back to it; it relates to Peking)).
And: regional TV stations, Matt’s nightmare, bad lyrics from good singers, The Orchid and the Crow, stories about being unwell on an aeroplane, sarsaparilla, Matt misses the point.

Plus: Etymology; ’vomitorium’ & ‘curfew’, super-cold in Ballarat, names of places, country mouse/city mouse (kinda), Dom catching the train as a kid, vinyl records are crummy sounding, a cool Steve Stevens story, helping out your mates, Dom loves Delta Goodrem, Andrew Fat (Joe Lean?), Dom gets mad about people.

The Orchid and the Crow (Dan Tobias):