The Two Ring Circus Show

The TRC Show - Episode 083 - ’Shots, Shots, Shots OR No, I’m Scratching My Arm’

January 17, 2019

Wherein we start with shots, and continue with acting singers - MB agrees with DI that it’s surprising how good singers are as actors, and then DI recants and says that actually, it makes perfect sense; and Scritchie comes to (noisily) visit.

We discuss Steven Tyler, Ted Nugent, Damn Yankees, (n)ewe (tufty) sheep, Zambreros, food court patrons, how much we are prepared to spend on the social aspect of eating, US minimum wage is $7.25/hr ($12 w tips), DI speaks with some authority about the the worldwide service industry, #MSU.

Also; We are a rich country - it’s tough to fail, litter - some lamentations, MB is naive (again), MB: you don’t get to be one of the one percent by being a black female, DI: not automatically, but maybe automatically, depending on what family you’re born into.

And: “Round the Twist”, there’s more port!, Matt mayn't do the Mariah Carey whistle, up to our eyeballs in other things, Dom’s doing pre-production for his new album recording, horror movies, Cat can’t sleep and Dom crosses his hands, 12 songs on Dom’s new album (and they’re all kind of longers).

Plus: Def Leppard - impressive, DI gives MB nothing in a discussion about “1984", and then introduces "Infinite Jest”; DI posits a theory - it’s quite good; if we were cyborgs, Matt would be K-9, and Dom would be entirely self-sufficient, DomCat’s 6-month anniversary.

Round the Twist:

Damn Yankees:


Infinite Jest: