The Two Ring Circus Show

The TRC Show - Episode 085 -’Did You Get My Thing OR Hellz Yeah Particularly Cos’

January 31, 2019

Wherein there’s a wild commotion, '85 was a good year, Dom has a vision of caesarian sections.

We discuss not having to sing, Rebel The Show, Dom gets kinda trolled and Matt is angry about it, waiting for a car, Mary Poppins Returns(?), MB’s gonna marry Anna Kendrick when he grows up, Bitch Please Perfect 2.

Also; A Simple Favor [sic], drunks on a plane, dog chiros, Horse Feathers, "the 80/20 balance", The Lexiconic Times, dis-things.

And: what’s your shower regimen?, Matt rails against Sugar Ray, too drugged to sing, MB’s landry haumper and DI has no lights.

Plus: MB shares a news story, four day/six day week (LIVING THE DREAM!), faux balls, styptic pencil, looney tunes, Clement Freud, Cashews Clay was a boxer, DI's moving in.

Rebel The Show:


Dom’s Pozible campaign: "www.GetYourNameOnThis"