The Two Ring Circus Show

The TRC Show - Episode 092 - ‘An Incredibly Positive Experience OR ‘Cos I Wanted To’

March 21, 2019

Wherein Dom is specifically unwell, it’s 11pm after a gig, and we’re back in MB’s car.

We discuss DI demands an explanation as to why MB wants to visit a floatation tank, MC Escher exhibition, Dom is $14k richer.

Also; MB plays the barefoot investor - cars and credit cards; DI explains things, MB has a face about it, Waze is the ways forward.

And: Being monitored at all times in all ways, “the mushroom story”, targeting marketing, MB is naive and knows it.

Plus: we sign off then do another ten minutes, Bega - life advice, colourless urine - that’s the aim, “pungent”, diamonds don’t shine; Dom leaves, Matt continues, Dom returns.