The Two Ring Circus Show

The TRC Show - Episode 096 - ’Not ACTUALLY A Bonus Episode After All OR Moscow Down (Please…!)’

April 18, 2019

Wherein MB immediately waxes lyrical about DI’s album, MB forgets he what did on said album, and a weird audio glitch happens that causes the TRC Theme song to play again.

We discuss surname etymology, MB's trip to Tassie, his big singing week, then Scritchie arrives.

Also; “Electronic Device Disposal Bin(s)”, soft plastic recycling, DI goes loopy and gets triggered, and we inadvertently get sexy.

And: favourite sounding recorded song, DI on pop music, Pods & Sods, we’re a week ahead!

Plus: we discuss Stiv’s b’day, DI caught a mouse, what so how?, rats on the roundabout, Cat farming, “Sheep Are Nice”, Weetbix is awful awful awful stuff.

Where Dom Made His New Record:

Jet City Woman:

Charles Jenkins:

Pods & Sods Network:

Out of Shape in Shape Guy from the 50’s:

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