The Two Ring Circus Show

The TRC Show - Episode 098 - ’Bunny Might Bite My Butt!! OR What Job Would You Be Good At? (Bang Bang Bang)’

May 2, 2019

Wherein MB says “we’re like the Beach Boys”, and DI says we are super duper busy people.

We discuss self-reflection and MB says, “No” to both introspection and ‘real' reflection, DI apologises, and we discuss urinating in public, a DI story about Cat, an aborted story by MB, DI posits a theory and MB refutes it, DI doesn’t want to embarrass people who love him.

Also; DI reminds MB about a song he’s never done before - a disagreement, a question without notice, DI is drawn to creativity but isn’t creative, DI the pollie, fun gig tonight, we have heads the size of cars.

And: Dom’s CD’s (almost) ready to go, a camera conversation, Barbara Feldon, DI watched fifteen minutes of- and MB all of- Johnny English 2.

Plus: Netflix subtitle and then further drama, MB’s plan for The One Word Movie Review page, what constitutes a review?, Harvey Fierstein.

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