The Two Ring Circus Show

The TRC Show - Episode 099 - ‘30 Really Odd Years!’ OR A Sound Engineer’s Gangrenous Poultice’

May 9, 2019

Wherein it’s the longest in a while(!), we chat about something to look forward to, and how long will we be around, and Dr Dom drops by - PA speakers, hurt backs and broken toes.

We discuss MB’s mum and (implied) corporal punishment, DI’s sad past - a herpes simplex story, One Trick Pony - a Paul Simon movie, (new) Aladdin - an MB misunderstanding.

Also; a great conversation about race and colour, (re-)appropriation of words, Dom’s CD, MB tells a normalising meltdown story, DI alludes to his own meltdown story, Philippe Bistro - a DI recommendation.

And: DI talks about the new Avengers film, which branches into talking about positive discrimination in popular culture; using a plasma TV for heat, late review - "advertising is contrived".

Plus: DI (potentially) has a revelation, we all have work to do.

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