The Two Ring Circus Show

The TRC Show - Episode 100 - ‘Erection Day Cerebrations! OR Oscar Schindler Was A German Shepherd’

May 16, 2019

Wherein it’s our 100th episode, MB saw ‘Hereditary’, Cat is 100 wrong about it, MB can’t remember the name of TV shows or movies and DI eventually helps

We discuss the federal election; what else is black and white?, DI doesn’t, then does, then doesn’t - surprise MB.

Also; failure of the two-party system, the biggest wallet shouldn’t win, 800,000 new voters - how will it change things?, DI used to be more of a hippy than he is now, MB was never right wing.

And: We talk Avantasia, revelation! - MB falls in love with female musicians regularly, an Eric Martin discussion, Geoff Tate’s amazing, Resonant Cavities.

Plus: Charlene, escaped Nazis, Fruit Hats & Carmen Margoebbels, we start but can’t finish a new topic, DI’s broken toe, MB’s three cheese jaffle, five star tiling.

SYBIL, the movie:

AVANTASIA, the band:

CHARLENE, I’ve Never Been To Me: