The Two Ring Circus Show

The TRC Show - Episode 113 - ‘Is Who You Once Were Who You Are Now? OR The Nominative Determinism of Divers’

August 22, 2019

Wherein MB immediately asks about geometry, and DI is Rich Uncle Pennybags (1144!)

We discuss Sarah Silverman getting sacked, “cancel cause”, “de-platformed”, Siquó, being held to past account, comedians as necessary social observers, the perception of wrongdoing, “righteousness porn”.

Also; DI’s RBT story, Mariah Carey - DI knows things, MB was (inadvertently) racist when he was younger.

And: They’re JOKES, dammit; MB says “oriental”, accents - are they racist?, each generation thinks they’re the pinnacle of civilisation - but millennials are the worst.

Plus: the capitalist agenda of war, mutually assured destruction keeps us “safe”?, Domza’s Gadgets - this week it’s the K’ARCHER Window Cleaning System, DI broke his penis.


Punching Down:

Sarah Silverman getting sacked:

I'm just waiting for a mate:

Man's penis turning to bone: