The Two Ring Circus Show

The TRC Show - Episode 120 - ‘I Started To Write My Obituary… OR What’s An Ø Called?’

October 9, 2019

Wherein it’s another (very) sloppy start in the new digs, someone rings Matt, Cat rings Dom, and we talk about same-sex marriage.

We discuss Freedom of Choice, how much do roadsigns cost?, cats vs dogs (which are better drivers), and other animals are spoken of at some length.

Also; boat sewage, aeroplanes with no wheels, 99% Invisible, capitalism, Australia Talks survey, impeachment again, Syriana.

And: a Johnny Depp film that DI won’t recommend, Joker - not a discussion, how many films we’ve seen - a recap, Shania Twin.

Plus: MB auditioning for rebels, American/Australian versions, John Cleese, the internet is making us into worse-behaving people, just be nice, DI’s puppet wall.


Pig using tools:


Guerrilla Signage:

Australia Talks: