The Two Ring Circus Show

The TRC Show - Episode 128 - ‘Add One Word To Make It Funner OR Sparse Rump’

December 13, 2019

Wherein we are pre-gig in MB’s car, talking about who’s who’s wuzza, Béyonce who?, feminism wins, Vili’s pies, DI was in SA (for dinner)

We discuss a polite young man, a hurdy gurdy, driving a piano onstage, Last FM for setlists, Elton John’s Zimmer Frame to Heaven.

Also; singers within their range, guitar touch goes first, 'he prayed fletless guitar’, Certain Types Of Places (An Accent).

And: We play 'Add One Word To Make It Funner’, DI teaches MB about FB, MB buries the lead, Matt Shiny, DI sets up a virtual guitar.

Plus: how we get gigs, life’s hard to get up, Tam dictates the length of the show, we do News, DI’s Christmas gift ideas, horseradish.

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