The Two Ring Circus Show

The TRC Show - Episode 129 - ‘Crampations OR Peanut Butter Tangents’

December 21, 2019

Wherein we are wearing gifted Two Ring Circus t-shirts, there’s a weather conversation, and we wonder where the Romans did their carpentry.

We discuss the significance of 130, MB’s corn-eating cat, DI’s speech impediment, Save It for The Podcast Bradshaw, best Christmas songs, "what’s this bit?”

Also; MB goes to a birthday party and has deep conversations, DI hates the concept of “privilege”, why we have existential crises, New segment: “First World Problems”, MB has a soul-ache, DI shoe-horns in a made up word,

And: Freddie’s health issues, "Add One Word to a TV Title", Sex Toys In The City, Seinfeld Schmeinfled, Game of Porcelain Thrones, Doogie Howser MDMA.

Plus: what cool songs don’t get played?, stop criticising things (especially if you don’t create anything. Jerk.), we fight about the ending of the episode, and whether Hitler was a good artist?, our All Australian Sunday gig (on the 22nd), chocolate spider.

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