The Two Ring Circus Show

The TRC Show - Episode 134 - ‘Dom’s Back In Tamworth - Matt’s At Home OR Why I Oughta…!’

January 23, 2020

Wherein it’s by accident immediately Domza’s gadgets, DI is in Tamworth, MB’s stuck at home, and DI is writing a song a week.

We discuss the ubiquity of mobile phones, stop recording concerts(!), screen time, DI jamming in T’worth, DI does some live trolling just like Siri.

Also; Celtic names, convertible ducks, What’s a Hen Pen?, fun gigs in DI’s absence, poker machine folk, DI tells good stories about Kasey Chambers.

And: MB’s been Rebelling, trying to get people to buy tickets to things, David Cop-a-feel; we’re not U2, but we both have Cats.

Plus: MB rants: why do my apps need constant updating?, DI gives a sensible answer, DI will no longer do gigs with just singers!, eat me crunchy, "very 90’s”.

JD Smith:

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