The Two Ring Circus Show

The TRC Show - Episode 136 - ‘Twice In Bali! OR A Limp Pharmacist’

February 10, 2020

Wherein it’s 'DOM', and MB is Twice The Dog, and where was Bernard Tomic?

We discuss Bone Tomahawk, 2164 movies, engagement ring shopping - MB tries to learn - It’s Not Easy, But Interesting & Intricate, callbacks aren’t always funny, Chicago - a light review.

Also; Superbowl - lip-synching, Jumbo-Tron, small and humble breasts, DI doesn’t have the female experience, MB was gigging in Bali, the derivation of Long Island Iced tea - Robert Butt, MB feels rich @ Café Del Mar (MB makes an error).

And: MB in the studio with Robyn Payne, to whom is the US in debt - DI explains fiscal realties, MB gets an infection - learns about 24 medical places, MB be’s a grown-up, Bali Ankle Possum Face.

Plus: MB learns a thing twice, a discussion about schedules - a re-enaction, MB knows not what day, DI cleans his room - like a good boy.


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