The Two Ring Circus Show

The TRC Show - Episode 140 - ‘It’s Just Getting Started… OR Who Gives A Crap?’

March 14, 2020

Wherein we are in the outdoors at the studio, MB has a touch of Coronavirus and DI is having a long year.

We discuss (unsurprisingly) Covid-19, DI posits a litigious theory, Shen Yun -There’s Always Ways & Means, people are scary (toilet paper), MB is confused by another DI theory, “Pop’s Shop”.

Also; DI is emotionally intelligent, The Anywheres - Dom & Rosie’s new project, MB hasn’t yet noticed a gig numbers impact, DI is impressed with MB’s optimism.

And: MB gets a figure incorrect, tells a Tassie patient zero story, and goes on a luggage rant; shall we go on a cruise?, Nel & Laura’s wedding, DI tells a Happy Tiger Tale.

Plus: DI is brave & MB is insular, DI’s ‘Finance-ey’, poor Stew in hospital (twice) - the show must go on, MB went to Port Arthur, see ya later biscuits.

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