The Two Ring Circus Show

The TRC Show - Episode 143 - ‘Some People Are Just… OR Hit That Cher Button!’

April 3, 2020

Wherein DI’s finally lost count, and MB’s back to normal.

We discuss MB achieving Peak Sadness, and how expressing stuff fixes that, DI’s warm-up regime, MB GMA, Back to Bacharach, Ezekiel Ox’s 24 hour online gig (link below), Justice Being Seen To Be Done and Adults Don’t Like To Learn Things, MB perceived as ‘just a rock guy’.

Also; Jason McNamara’s Famous Friends (link below), higher up the food chain, the nicer peeps is; the biggest store in the world.

And: MB forgets Eng-lish, Watch Party or Share, different content for each page, Twitter Y or N?, DI has new peeps on board.

Plus: MB has a down time ‘cos he’s a fragile little bugger, DI be’s lovely (as usual), positive feedback.

Ezekiel Ox's 24 Hour Self Isolation Variety Pandemic:

LIVE Streams with Famous Friends by Jason McNamara: LIVE Streams with Famous Friends by Jason McNamara
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