The Two Ring Circus Show

The TRC Show - Episode 144 - ‘My Brain Processed His Name As Josh! OR Pinging Back And Forth’

April 10, 2020

Wherein the Hellos are pre-recorded, and MB is Confused As.

We discuss the internet (oooh), and gigs together but separate (OOOH), MB’s many mixing desks, buying gear for specific a purpose, free Dumbo, people are drinking more?!

Also; repeatedly trying to write the same song, not exercising means not sleeping, MB is old school, DI’s Paul Simon thing when, things to do, curmudgeonly as one sees fit, DI is supes occupied, depression or laziness?

And: Practice(?), DI not FULLY embarrassed by his old songs and MB defs is by his, DI’s solo gigs, connecting people, online etiquette, Bill Withers tributes, mean gotcha calls.

Plus: we seek to be tribal, moments that stick with MB, George Pell, #metoo, MB explains two-headed Tassie, genealogy, space time-continuum, some maths.
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