The Two Ring Circus Show

The TRC Show - Episode 147 - ‘Tremendous! Tremendous!!! OR “Saturday Night Dancers”’

May 3, 2020

Wherein MB can’t remember the last time he went on a date, we talk about “The Date Hat”.

We discuss travelling solo - how it relates to long hair, cultural differences, and playing guitar; DI tells us some rules, “All Fun & Games with Ráv Thomas”, “The Coolroom” - a promo spot (MB recorded an episode).

Also; Jokes from the 70s, speech impediments for comic effect, Donald Trump (high as a kite), DI is Busy As, how long is this going to last?, DI is rude about KISS, gyms.

And: How we do our stuff, song requests, James Sidebottom - ledge, reading the room, be polite in the Comments section, why we’re doing the live-streams.

Plus: the Long Dumb Road, DI embarks upon his online teaching career, we discuss our songwriting, Aaron Laguda - another ledge.

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