The Two Ring Circus Show

The TRC Show - Episode 151 - ‘Write That Phonetically!!!! OR Look At These Two Gypsies’

June 14, 2020

Wherein we’re live-streaming from DI’s place, and it’s slightly mayhemic.

We discuss DI’s clicky mouse and stained screen, how Sweden got it wrong, when protesting turns into looting.

Also; WA’s at the head of something, “Corona Belly”, DI’s been chainsawing, our YouTube feeds, cold snacks, eyelash wiping, why The Hurt Party took so long to release, crowd funding, more port = new album.

And: Italy stories, the gruffy paradox, turning into our dads, beer, how to be an arborist, MB gets a principal’s note, Skip As Man, a complex Krispy Kreme equation followed by a Krispy Kreme anecdote.

Plus: we argue about desserts, dog puns, the history of Geelong, “they didn’t say ‘ascertain’”, the border raiders analogy, how to get stuff across the line with parents, fried potato products - we finally agree, almost.
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