The Two Ring Circus Show

The TRC Show - Episode 155 - ’How Not To Do Stuff OR Interested People Are Interesting’

July 2, 2020

Wherein it’s the longest for a while, and there’s equidistant heads.

We discuss slideshows, whispering walls, Rebel Wilson is likeable, online shopping, the 80% MB doesn’t want to talk to, how hard is it to be nice (when everything happens for a reason?), DI on “The Anywheres”, Matt-splaining, entertaining(?)

Also; it gets heavy a bit by accident, MB talks about his head, single life, pledging, energy in/energy out, embarrassment, disconnection, experiencing career loss, live-stream numbers.

And: comfort in despair, feeling diminished, hibernation, where’s the tool for ‘here’?, manopause, DI does some reassuring, sharing space, letting people down, we want to contribute, nothing much helps, DI wants to swing ‘em.

Plus: Finance and how it relates to cats, re-lockdown areas in Vic, parentalage, Don and Ozzy’s extra singers, (Sub-)Dom, 35 attempts at a live lyric video (and who cares?), DI in the studio, motivation, DI’s DAG mug (thanks Matty Bright), codeine for fun, online “conversations” - why they don’t work, Covid-19 kerfuffles - government failings, God Bless ‘Em but…, penny farthings.

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