The Two Ring Circus Show

The TRC Show - Episode 156 - ‘People Are Not What Goats Want! OR Plumbing Emasculation’

July 9, 2020

Wherein DI in a dressing gown, and each we Spade Face.

We discuss MB’s early b’day gifts, bedroom sneak(er)ing, what we can’t do, MB does a VR meeting, visiting the Fifth Province, Dry (Half) July, #meeeeetoo, MB goes plumbing, DI goes carpenting.

Also; thermostats & zoning, long sleeved t-shirt discussion, Clampy Spanner, what was thing thing called…?, Are You Old Enough?, cultural change as regards age, 24/7 pornography, get it now (and get it delivered.)

And: why some venues aren’t as busy, knowing songs by title?!, Am I Every Gonna See Your Face Again?, relative distances, Kevin Bloody Wilson - comedian discussion ensues.

Plus Movie Recommendations - a Netflix doco DI doesn’t name, Dark Waters, Knives Out, the Hunt, the King of Staten Island, Uncut Gems, Ready or Not, DI references last week MB tries to brush it off (gets ignored), a quick Covid update.

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