TRC Podcast - Episode 048 - ’1st Facebook Live Podcast OR Monday Bad’

May 17, 2018
Wherein previous to going live, we rehearsed for our Crowded House tribute show on the Tuesday May 22nd. Here:
We discuss Perth being far, PeeWee Herman, Richie Jarvis, Bon Jovial, Matt’s spot(s), Big Cats, medicine vs health, skeptic tanks, poo trucks, colonic irrigation.
Also; white dog poo (an explanation), Dom won something, Holey Moley, Elton John was married to a woman(!), apparently Matt’s loud.
And: Matt caught up with a high school friend, a hiatus from the book we’ve been book clubbing, Perth roads, standing on the coast, blowholes and long island iced tees (that’s a golf gag (not a golf bag)).
Plus: Taylor Great Da(y)ne, the balcony guys from The Muppets, Matt’s self-haircut, defensive posturing, What Are You Torn About?, are you professionally qualified?, Matt’s weirdly misogynistic Perth gig, do we down or up to get to Melbourne?