The Two Ring Circus Show

TRC Podcast - Episode 050 - ’I Will Iron Your Shirts OR Credibly Inflexible’

May 31, 2018
Wherein Matt reveals he did do swears at someone for not listening to the Podcasterings, and Dom once had - or perhaps still does have - a Pinterest account.
We discuss Matt’s morning routine, Dom’s always growing a beard, bendy people, going out for much too lateness, deck stain.
Also; towels on the landing, Dom’s FB irony, a quick re-cap of the Live Show, MB’s photo shoot, use of “i”, what came before Preparation H.
And: ironing, people in Dom’s face, Dom’s brain questions, Matt hears electricity, producer Tom Werman, singer Robin Zander.
Plus: rabbit holes, DI’s small Welsh friend, "GeeWhiz!”, 'the tongue-dexterity smirky smirk', Semi-Charmed Life, some fun people in our lives, who comes first, the next live show on June 19th.