The Two Ring Circus Show

TRC Podcast - Episode 052 - ‘The World Is Hard OR Don’t Remind Me’

June 14, 2018
Wherein, in this car-versation, we explain there will be no “out-takes” edition, and Matt looks up the actors in Lethal Weapon.
We discuss spelling, Matt’s keyboard dyslexia, crowning, Dom’s got no vowels, word quota (and how it relates to singing too).
Also; ‘arksing', is that a gavel in your pocket, re-making boy movies with girls in, some Hugh Grant gags.
And: The Poo Jogger, Dom & Matt have a social life, Matt gets despondent about the world, Dom tries to fix it for him, it would be quite easy to leave.
Plus: Matt’s radioactive cat’s home; OH, this is our 52nd episode; tree puns, sugar tits, exploding vacuum cleaners, we go to work.
Matt’s Cat:
Poo Jogger: