The Two Ring Circus Show

The TRC Show - Episode 064 - ’Choose Your Own Adventure OR “Here We Go…”‘

September 6, 2018


Wherein we talk about Bert Newton, Samuel L Jackson is alluded to but never followed up upon, “heiress”, and Dom says I Reckon a lot, Hillary S.Wank.

We discuss Alexander Duvet, "let’s get inta here", Arnie Koala, two Drumsticks, Dom’s relationships with sweets.
Also; horror movie nights, kids change life (and Dom is circumspect), Fat Albert, Webster has words, Dom anthropomorphises, Matt waxes lyrical about chocolate, Ferrero No-shares.

And: Gene Simmons is Matt’s best mate - a tale of two giggies, Kidding, I’m Dying Up Here, Dom binge-watches (and there’s a reason), Matt needs to evaluate “sorted”, an Italian story, how Matt came to be a KISS fan, Dom is pleased Matt is “living”.

Plus: we discuss our podcast focus group, how friends divide after a breakup, what’s your worst habit?, Dom inadvertently werges, Coffee With Butter (Café avec Beurre), Rhys Lett’s benefit event on Saturday the 6th of October - save the date.


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